FileMaker Tip and Examples

Tip and example files using FileMaker Pro. Download all in Zip format. FileMaker Pro 7 or higher is required.
If you have a good tip or sample file in FileMaker Pro, please Send it to us.


Created this little file for my daughter to practice math. Check it out.

Across 4

Set up your database to view records 4 across in Browse mode.


Calculate distance based on the latitude and longitude of two points. Includes FileMaker calculation fields and an efficient Custom Function.

Dynamic Column Borders

This file demonstrates how to get borders around sliding fields to resize correctly.

FMP Chat

FileMaker, a WebViewer, and a little bit of javascript, mix it all together and you have a Chat module!

Hierarchical Menu Selector

Tired of having to use MULTIPLE pop-up menus to narrow in on a selection? Here is a technique that allows you to drill down to your selection in ONE pop-up menu.

New Value List Entry

Ever click into a Pop-up Menu to find that the option you need is not there? Wouldn't be nice to have a "New..." option right in the menu. Check out this tip?it uses a script trigger to prompt a routine to add a new item to the options list.

Price Break Look-Up

This sample solution shows a handy way to incorporate PRICE BREAKS into your invoice system.

Quick Books Data Ranges

How to cover your date range needs.


A mock-up sample solution that shows how to do Quotes with unlimited REVISIONS.

Relationship Tunneling

With FileMaker's new relationship engine, you can access data multiple tables away from the starting table as long is there is a valid relationship.

Scripting Loop

A sample file demonstrating some SCRIPT LOOPING techniques.


An interesting SURVEY file that is worth a look.

Work Order System Example

A very basic data schema for a Work Order table.

Work Weeks Routine

In response to a "How do I...?" post in, a routine that generates a related record for every week in the year for each employee. Check it out.